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This product contains one piece, the capacity is about 1000ml (4 cups), and is suitable for dishwashers. A healthy diet is a key to LOHAS. Separating the grease trap can easily remove excess oil. It is composed of a measuring cup and a heat-resistant strainer. The strainer can filter the ingredients in the broth first, allowing the soup to be poured into it first. Because the specific gravity of oil is low, the soup will stand for a while, and the oil will float on the top to form an oil layer; at this time, you only need to press the button on the side to open the hole at the bottom, and smoothly flow out the required clear broth. The upper oil layer remains in the cup. There is a capacity scale on the transparent cup, which can also be used as a measuring cup at ordinary times. There are three units of cup, oz, and ml. Detachable, easier to clean. BPA Free takes care of your health.

Cuisipro 1 liter grease trap/cup (second generation)

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  • Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator (1L)

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