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This new accessory allows wine lovers to enjoy the screw cap sealed wine within three months after the first tasting with the existing Coravin wine extractor. Quickly unscrew the cap and replace it with a Coravin screw cap. Once tightened to the proper position, enter and pour in as usual with a Coravin wine extractor. Coravin screw caps are available in two sizes (standard and large) to ensure compatibility with all bottle sizes. The screw caps combine self-sealing silicone rubber with the same high-quality bottle cap gaskets to form a tight seal that can protect wine up to three moon. This cap can withstand up to 50 punctures and can be reused for about 10 bottles of wine. The standard size fits 95% screw cap wine bottles.

Coravin six-piece screw cap (4 standard + 2 large)

SKU: 802001
Only 2 left in stock
  • 6-Pack Screw Cap (4 Standard + 2 Large)

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