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Albela (2001) Hindi 720p WEBHDRip X264 AC3 DD 5.1 E-Subs - LOKI - M2Tv




LOKI - M2Tv - DVD-ROM - 1080p WEBHDRip x264 AC3 DD 5.1 - Albela - [ Direct Link] Category:Greek musical groups Category:Musical groups from ThessalonikiQ: Sorting a list and then a Dict? I need to sort the dict alphabetically using the keys. Currently it sort like this. 1){"Key1":"String1", "Key2":"String2"} 2){"Key1":"String2", "Key2":"String1"} 3){"Key1":"String1", "Key2":"String3"} 4){"Key1":"String3", "Key2":"String1"} 5){"Key1":"String3", "Key2":"String2"} I have tried like this, but it only takes key1 into account and not key2. q = sorted(list(enumerate(d.items(), 1)), key=lambda x:x[1], reverse=True) I would like it to return like this I tried to pass it into a dict but it wasnt able to sort it. Thanks A: Use sorted as a secondary sort key on the keys to the dictionary. sorted(d.items(), key=lambda x: (x[1], x[0]), reverse=True) sorted is a function with three arguments. You need to specify the first argument to specify how to sort the list in descending order. The second argument is the key to sort on, and the third is the reverse order. If you're not using Python 3.3 or later, you need to use funct




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Albela (2001) Hindi 720p WEBHDRip X264 AC3 DD 5.1 E-Subs - LOKI - M2Tv

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