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Dua Hizbul Bahr 25.pdf




Yakni Zahbi by Imam Abdul Hamid ash-Shadhili. View Arabic, English (Latin Text), transliteration, MP3 and see benefits of this dua. PDF download available. Jibreel says: “O my Lord! You have promised to me that a son or daughter or son of a son of Adam, or a brother or sister, will appear. So ask Me about them, if you should ask. I will tell you surely and certainly. “And do not be forgetful. This is a mercy from Me and a reminder for the believers. “I invite everyone to believe in his Lord, the One Who initiates and gives life. And I invite those who follow me to believe, and those who believe, and I urge them to strive for their nearness to God. “And who can doubt that the news about His Chosen Ones will certainly come to pass? So this is the true religion, but most people do not know it. “And whoever obeys God and His messenger and follows the religion of the best of people, then such will be successful. God is truly Hearing, Wise and Knower of all that goes on.” Then when Jesus came near him, he said, “I am.” And he said, “So be it!” Immediately the crowds were divided. Some were for the mad, and some were for the deaf mute. And a man came from the crowd and said to him, “Heed to me, Rabbi.” And he said, “I have not made myself known.” Then he repeated what he had said. And Jesus said, “I have not made myself known.” Again the people were divided. Some were for the deaf mute. Others said, “He has made himself known to them.” And a man came from the crowd and said to him, “Master, first tell my brother to keep silent, and he shall be safe.” The Buddha said: “Only those who are poor in mind have fear.” The Prophet said: “No man has fear except for those who are blessed with much wealth.” The noble one says: “The common man is afraid, though he knows not. The wise man is not. The sages are not



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Dua Hizbul Bahr 25.pdf

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