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Olive Green Refesh

Brand Story

Provence & Mediterranean art of life

Handcrafted wooden tools since 1892

Since 1892, Berard has specialized in the design of boards and kitchen utensils in olive wood and noble woods. Located in the Drôme Provence, in south-eastern part of France, Berard collection unveils the art of living of French Cuisine and the spirit of sharing deeply rooted in the Mediterranean coasts.


Wood from certified forests & well-managed orchards

The skilled craftsmen of Berard have forged a very special relationship with nature and olive wood to protect and conserve this vital natural resource. Sourcing is only made form well-managed and certified timbers. Only branches are used to craft Berard’s items to let trees continue to thrive for centuries to come.


Beauty of Olive & Walnut woods

Both are very durable wood with high density fibers. That density let those woods resists odors and stains, perfect for kitchen utensils and boards. Their grain with a fine texture makes each piece unique.

No waste, no chemical 

100% of the wood is used. Little imperfections are manually repaired, no chemical treatment is applied to have a uniform and smooth surface.

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