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大福DIY】5歲小朋友都能做到?! 台灣蛋餅大成功

Cuisipro 西式鏟、diseno玻璃油壺

Monkey Business Hug Doug 矽膠鍋緣子

How to keep your cooking spoon from falling in the pot

A simple way to reduce personal waste

Soma 淨水產品系列

Soma 便攜式飲用水過濾器



Galette Complète (法式鹹可麗餅) 食譜及做法

多謝 Florence' kitchen 分享「Galette Complète (法式鹹可麗餅)」 食譜及做法 ,仲教大家點樣將麵糊快速「熟成」!😋
#Diseno懸浮平底鑊 除咗可以明火及電磁爐煮食,仲入得焗爐㗎!而且採用全新蜂巢設計,比一般懸浮鑊更不粘鍋不懼鍋鏟!片中大家可以睇到用超少量的油都唔黐底,真係用佢煮食可以落少啲油,人都瘦啲健康啲!

OTOTO RED 螃蟹湯勺架和鍋緣子

Launch of the rCUP

the world's first reusable cup made from used coffee cups


Soma CEO採訪

In this video, Soma CEO Mike Del Ponte and friends discuss traveling to Ethiopia with charity:water.

Full Circle Home 環保收納掛架

Still iffy about the wild world of composting?
We’ve got your back. This bin keeps things odorfree and easy by letting you easily scoop scraps into a bin that you keep in your freezer for less mess (and flies). It’s a mess-free way to keep scraps until you’re ready to take them to your nearest collection center.

• Wire rim attaches to drawers to collect food waste
• Keeps scraps in your freezer to eliminate odor and flies
• Flexible silicone design flips inside out to empty easily
• Dishwasher safe


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