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In September 2002, Antony Joseph and Richard Joseph twins in co-founded Joseph Joseph, to the kitchen and tableware based design brand.

Antony, who graduated from Saint Martins College of Art, is responsible for the design and development of products, while Richard from the Cambridge Department of Business studies full-time marketing. Each of them uses what they have learned, so that this young brand has been successfully sold to more than 20 countries around the world. Continuous and stable growth.

Although the company was founded in 2002 , this entrepreneurial story actually started three generations ago. His grandfather owned a glass manufacturing company in Birmingham, England. The father of the twins, in They still owned the business when they were in college, preparing and serving the food industry. Although this industry has been very popular for a period of time, sales began to decline following the heyday of the product. So I entrusted the heavy responsibility to Richard (Richard), who graduated from Cambridge Business School and was a design engineer for Dyson before. Together with designer Anthony, who graduated from the Saint Martin College of Art and Design, put his father's industry on the track of commercial recovery. Later, Richard sold the company, and the twins started to start their own businesses. To this day, they still manufacture some products in their own glass factory as investors.

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