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Made of FLXaPrene material, it is anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, waterproof, steam-proof, non-slip, heat-resistant, soft and elastic, so you can use it flexibly.

  • FLXaPrene has no pores on the surface, and stains will not remain after flushing, which can prevent bacteria from breeding
  • Water-proof and vapor-proof characteristics to avoid the penetration of high-temperature liquid and vapor, which may cause the possibility of burns to hands
  • The heat resistance range is -92°C to 260°C, wide range, suitable for both low temperature and high temperature
  • The fine particle design on the surface of the heat insulation pad is carefully designed to provide a non-slip and safer use experience
  • The fine particle design on the surface of the heat insulation pad can greatly increase the heat insulation effect
  • The material is soft and easy to bend, it is very convenient and comfortable to use
  • Stain can be easily rinsed, easy to clean
  • Manufactured by FLXaPrene materials
  • The size of each pad is 17.6cm(L) x 17.6cm(W) x 0.4cm(H)
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • American design
  • Patent number US PAT NO 6298488, CAN 2325782

KitchenGrips FLXaPrene Non-Slip Heat Insulation Pad-Black (2-pack)

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