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Silicone is not plastic! Silica gel is extracted from silica ore from quartz mine. Silicon is also the main component of glass and crystal. Therefore, silicone gel is actually a non-toxic, non-heavy metal and environmentally friendly natural material. Silicone is easy to decompose and can be deposited in the bottom of the silt and decompose in the soil. Moreover, silica gel has no harmful effect on aquatic organisms and bioaccumulation. Therefore, it is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly material in the world. Countries such as Europe, America and Japan have generally adopted Silicone materials to replace other materials. Food grade silicone is widely used in baby products, food utensils and so on.


Recommend to you who love to cook by yourself.
The front end of the silicone mini lockable clamp is made of non-slip silicone material, which can hold food tightly without loosening, and can withstand high temperatures up to 220 degrees. The handle is matched with mirror-bright stainless steel. It can be easily combined and stored without taking up space. As long as the top hook ring is gently pulled up, the clip will be combined and fixed, and it can be hung and stored. The elegant appearance of the silicone mini lockable clamps looks simple and elegant whether used in the dining table or kitchen, and is a good helper for your food preparation. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cuisipro Silicone Mini Lockable Clamp-Red

SKU: 74708505
HK$139.00 Regular Price
HK$125.00Sale Price
  • Cuisipro Mini Silicone Locking Tongs - Red

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