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Recommend to you who love to cook.
A set of this product contains egg cooker x 2, can heat 300 degrees, does not contain BPA harmful substances; suitable for dishwasher (upper layer). If you like boiled eggs or eat hot pot shabu-shabu and seafood, you are recommended to this item. Use the hook design to hang the egg cooker on the edge of the pot, and then break the egg into the egg cooker, or put the whole egg with its shell; when the pan is raised, the egg cooker can be tilted back slightly, The excess water can be filtered out; in addition, the height of the water in the pot can be seen, and the handle can be adjusted to a suitable length. The longest height is 10 cm. It is a good design that has both aesthetics and practicality.

Cuisipro stainless steel side egg cooker

SKU: 747308
HK$179.00 Regular Price
HK$128.00Sale Price
  • Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher

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