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The Coravin decanter is used together with the Coravin wine extractor. When you pour the wine, it immediately mixes the right amount of air with the wine to enhance your wine experience. Your wine does not need to wait for a long decanting process, while ensuring that the remaining wine in the bottle remains intact. It is the perfect match for every Coravin wine extractor. Just connect the Coravin wine extractor to the water outlet of the Coravin wine extractor and use it normally. When the air is mixed with your wine, you can enjoy a smoother and more aromatic experience.

  • Let the wine in your glass no longer have to wait for a long decanting time, and at the same time ensure that the remaining wine in the bottle is well preserved
  • Coravin decanter has a unique structural design, using top-quality materials and special stainless steel
  • After precise calculations and experiments, the decanter is equipped with 24 wine outlets, which can maximize the contact between the wine and the air.
  • Used together with Coravin wine extractor, when pouring wine through the decanter, the delicate wine can be quickly exposed to the air
  • When you take the wine, it can produce a decanting effect such as changing the bottle, resulting in a smoother and more aromatic taste, making the wine tasting experience more perfect

Coravin decanter

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  • Coravin  Aerator

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