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In order to obtain the best extraction effect, reducing contact with the filter paper is one of the most important factors, while maintaining a stable flow rate is also another practical consideration. The Barista & Co circular coffee filter paper holder is designed for this reason.

  • Improve water flow-the smallest design reduces the contact between the filter paper and the frame, making the water flow and extraction more uniform, making the brewing simpler and easier
  • Detachable stand-easy to disassemble, making it easy for you to store and clean, and there are small handles on both sides of the stand, which can be easily removed after use
  • Medical grade 304 stainless steel-high-quality coated stainless steel body with rust resistance and durability
  • Compatible with 2 to 4 size filter paper-designed according to Barista & Co’s exclusive Japanese filter paper, but compatible with most brands of 2 to 4 size filter paper
  • Size: 13.5cm(L) x 13.5cm(W) x 8cm(H
  • Hand wash only

Barista & Co Circular Coffee Filter Holder-Stainless Steel

SKU: BC038-005
HK$198.00 Regular Price
HK$178.20Sale Price
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