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Product introduction:

Re-interpretation of French coffee filter pots with modern classics, suitable for coffee lovers who like velvet and smooth texture. The coffee filter pot is made of high-grade stainless steel and borosilicate glass, which is especially suitable for you who like plastic-free coffee machines.

  • Plastic-free-100% metal and glass design, all components can be recycled and configured separately, it is the best choice for users looking for a plastic-free coffee machine
  • 360° metal filter-using medical grade stainless steel filter, will not pollute the coffee taste, the unique 360-degree design ensures that the pouring nozzle does not need to be aligned during the pouring process
  • Protective base-heat-resistant borosilicate glass is installed on the stainless steel base to protect the glass from cracking and can be removed for cleaning
  • Barista & Co Brewing Strength 2-Can produce a rich taste and delicate texture with velvet


Reminder from Barista:

  • Can brew medium-strength and rich taste black or white filter coffee
  • After adding 15 grams of ground coffee, add another 45 milliliters of boiling water, and then wait for 30 seconds. This process is called "steaming", which allows the gas to escape, brewing a better coffee flavor, and then continue to add the remaining water

Barista & Co Coffee French Press Pot 1000ml-Bronze

SKU: BC049-022
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HK$508.00Sale Price
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  • Barista & Co French Press Cafetiere Core Coffee Maker - Copper (8 Cup / 3 Mug / 1000ML)

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