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This ceramic knife and non-slip cutting board are a good helper in the kitchen, especially suitable for decoration of western dishes. When cooking Western-style cuisine, fruits with high levels of fruit acids such as lemons and limes are always used. The design of this ceramic knife will not be affected by fruit acids, and it is 100% stain-proof. The bottom pad of the cutting board also has a non-slip design, which effectively avoids accidents during cooking.

  • The ceramic knife handle is ergonomically designed
  • 100% anti-fouling design and not affected by fruit acid
  • The product is light and can be used for precision cutting
  • With plastic knife cover
  • It is not recommended to use ceramic knives for carving, prying, deboning, cutting frozen food and cutting cheese slices

Final Touch 陶瓷刀砧板套裝

SKU: FTA7301
HK$198.00 Regular Price
HK$178.20Sale Price
Only 4 left in stock
  • Final Touch Non-Slip Bar Cutting Board & Ceramic Knife

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