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  • Different ingredients can be added according to personal preference or holiday parties, such as fruit cubes or food coloring to make ice hockey pucks
  • Perfect match with summer cold drinks, cocktails and other beverages
  • Made with BPA-free and food-certified silicone
  • The silicone mold has the function of heat preservation, which can make the ice ball not easy to melt away
  • It is recommended to fill up to the horizontal line to make a complete hockey puck, the diameter of the complete hockey puck is up to 2 inches
  • Size: 7cm(W) x 7cm(L) x 6cm(H)

Final Touch Silicone Ice Hockey Mold (2 pieces)

SKU: FTC1027
HK$138.00 Regular Price
HK$124.20Sale Price
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  • Final Touch Silicone Ice Ball Mould (Set of 2)

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