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Aroma, temperature and taste are indispensable when tasting Scotch and Whiskey. Final Touch this wine glass adds two new elements of cooling and rolling for wine tasting in a special rock and roll way. The design of this wine glass is beautiful, so you can spin the puck by simply holding the top of the wine glass and shaking it gently. The rolling of the hockey puck can cool the drink while stimulating the senses, taking your wine tasting experience to a higher level.

  • ON THE ROCK: The bottom of the wine glass has an inwardly protruding design, which can make the ice puck rotate to create a natural liquid flow and bring aroma
  • Ice hockey: fill the water to the horizontal line in the silicone mold, and then put it in the refrigerator, you can easily make traditional ice cubes
  • Rolling: The shape of the wine glass prevents the drink from overflowing, making it easy to roll. A tiny hand movement can roll the hockey puck around the protrusion at the bottom of the cup to evenly cool the Scotch, Whiskey or other drinks in the cup
  • Can hold 237ml drinks
  • Wine glass size: 9cm x 9cm
  • Ice hockey mold: made of BPA-free and food-certified silicone
  • Patented wine glass design. US Pat 66078. Canada No. 145842. EU No. 002049544-0001

Final Touch On The Rock whiskey glass and ice mold set

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  • Final Touch  On The Rock Glass + Ice Ball

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