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Recommend to you who love cold drinks.
Final Touch’s Dayan glass is specially designed to protrude from the bottom of the glass. This can make the drink more outstanding.
The Final Touch stainless steel freezer ball is injected with non-toxic gel into the stainless steel ball, so that the stainless steel ball has a better effect than ordinary ice cubes on the market. Because the stainless steel frozen ball will not melt, it can continuously provide the effect of freezing.

In the product package:
-Oiwa glass x1
-Freezer ball base x1
-Pliers x1
-Stainless steel freezer ball x1


Glass product

Final Touch On The Rock Whiskey Glass and Frozen Ball Set

SKU: GS350
HK$368.00 Regular Price
HK$331.20Sale Price
Only 4 left in stock
  • Final Touch  On The Rock Glass-Stainless Steel Edition

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