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diseno Living 是我們HBF Store的旗下品牌,以提供 外國和本地生產的天然產品為主,我們遵從可持續環境保護的要求,採購以負責任和可持續的方式開採、種植的天然產品。







  • 淨化空間
  • 驅散/減低負能量
  • 淨化個人氣場/鎮靜情緒
  • 提升專注力/幫助入眠
  • 淨化能量水晶、礦石



  • 使用火機、蠟燭或火槍燃點白鼠尾草有葉子的頂端部份
  • 白鼠尾草開始燃燒後,在空氣中輕輕撥動至火焰熄滅
  • 火焰熄滅後,白煙開始釋出
  • 手執鼠尾草棒以 ∞ 方式打圈,一邊煙燻一邊走動,直至鼠尾草棒燃燒完畢
  • 可重覆 1-4 步驟直至整個空間都被煙燻淨化



  • 保持空氣流通
  • 孕婦或哺乳中的婦女慎用!   
  • 避免在易燃物附近使用   
  • 建議存放於乾燥陰涼處。
  • 燃燒時請時刻注意火種,用後請確保火種完全熄滅。
  • 不可在無人看管時燃燒!   
  • 請勿在嬰兒,幼兒或懷孕或可能懷孕的人附近使用



diseno Living 加洲白鼠尾草煙薰棒 6-7 " 真空包裝 (美國加州自家農場直送)

HK$110.00 Regular Price
HK$68.00Sale Price
  • diseno Living California White Sage Bundles - 6-7"Vacuum Packed (Own farm in California Direct Import)

    • ULTIMATE CLEANSE - Faiza Natural white sage sticks will cleanse your chakras and bless your spaces by purging all negative energy. Introduce a peaceful compassion into your life with our sage smudge sticks. Invoke positive energy into your home!
    • WELCOME POSITIVE ENERGY - Faiza Naturals white sage will bring the positivity you are seeking for. Burning sage in a smudging ritual will cleanse negative energy. Smoke from our sage stick will fill your space with a pleasant earth aroma allowing you to cleanse your chakras.
    • EASY TO USE - Blessing your home with the gentle energies of the moon has never been easier! Ideal for beginners and experienced meditators alike, our sage for cleansing house is perfect for refreshing the vibe in a new home, car, sacred space/altar, yoga studios, offices and more.
    • PREPARED WITH LOVE - Each of our California white sage incense sticks has been thoughtfully handpicked in small, artisanal batches. The organic sage incense sticks for cleansing are then sun-dried and hand-tied. Each smudge stick is meticulously inspected and packed for your next cleanse.
    • OUR VALUES - Faiza Naturals only sources organic sustainably harvested white sage. Our farms promotes ethical farming practices resulting in the best all natural sage smudging bundles with no artificial scents, dyes or preservatives. Cleanse & meditate in peace with Faiza Naturals' sage smudge kit.
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