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Have you ever tried to pick someone else's wine glass by mistake at a party? This set of Tiki wine glasses can not only solve the problem of taking the wrong cup, but also break the dullness of traditional parties. If you pay close attention, you will find that there are some differences in the design of each wine glass. They represent the four great gods of Hawaii:

  • Blue: Kanaloa, the god of the sea
  • Green: On behalf of Lono, the god of peace
  • Red: On behalf of the God of War Kū
  • Orange: Kāne, the god of life


Everyone can choose their favorite colors and representatives of the gods according to their own personality and preferences, and the cups can be stacked into a totem pole, and can also be used as games in the party, adding a lot of fun to the party.

Final Touch Tiki Hawaii Totem Tinted Glass Liquor Glass 60ml (4pcs)

SKU: TK5402
HK$188.00 Regular Price
HK$169.20Sale Price
  • Final Touch Coloured Tiki Shot Glasses (4pcs)

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