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This cleaning brush can be moved flexibly and is easy to clean the inside of the utensils. It is one of the necessary cleaning products in the kitchen. In addition to the decanter, it can also be used to clean vases, milk bottles, beer glasses and other long utensils.

  • Suitable for all kinds of long utensils, such as decanters, vases, water bottles, milk bottles, etc.
  • Suitable for use on glass and fine crystals without scratching
  • The brush can be moved flexibly to help deep clean the inside of the utensil
  • 20 times more durable than ordinary sponge
  • The brush material can remain firm during use and will not appear too soft

Final Touch decanter cleaning brush

HK$128.00 Regular Price
HK$115.20Sale Price
  • Final Touch  Decanter Cleaning Brush

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