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Product Features:

  • Easily remove natural or synthetic wine corks in just a few seconds
  • Electroplated zinc alloy handle
  • Non-stick Dupont™ coating-special non-stick coating can adapt to different wine stoppers
  • With cross-cut sheet metal device


how to use:
  1. Remove the metal cover using a cross-cut sheet metal tool.
  2. Raise the lever handle first, and then place it on the bottle mouth. Firmly grasp the bottom handle and pull the lever handle downwards.
  3. Pull up the handle to remove the wine stopper.
  4. Remove the corkscrew and swing the handle up and down to take out the wine cork.

Final Touch single lever corkscrew

SKU: WO7000
HK$498.00 Regular Price
HK$448.20Sale Price
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  • Final Touch  Single Lever Corkscrew

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