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The classic icicle mold group can make six classic icicles at the same time. The mold set is designed with a detachable structure, which is convenient for you to clean and use, whether it is at home or at a party, it is very suitable. The classic ice stick mold set adds a DIY ice-making home taste to you.

  • The mold set includes 6 round molds (combined with 6 plastic inner cups), 6 popsicles, 6 drip-proof covers and instructions for use
  • The mold can withstand temperature from -30℃ to 100℃
  • Does not contain BPA and can be used safely


how to use:

  • Pour raw materials such as juice or beverages into the mold, do not exceed the scale line
  • Insert the popsicle stick and the drip-proof cover into the mold
  • Put it in the freezer and ice tray until it freezes
  • When eating, just pull out the ice sticks from the plastic cup, or rinse the periphery of the plastic cup with water to make the ice sticks easier to pull out

ZOKU classic ice strip mold set (a set of six)

SKU: ZK114
HK$168.00 Regular Price
HK$151.20Sale Price
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  • ZOKU Classic Pop Molds (6 Pops)

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