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Product introduction:

  • You can make all kinds of marine creatures you love, including sharks, clown fish, octopuses, whales, pufferfish, and Zoku's cute divers
  • The silicone mold allows you to easily pull out the snow strips without inverting extraction
  • Simply pull out the deep-sea fish-shaped ice strips to taste, without washing with warm water
  • Each mold contains anti-drip snow sticks
  • The mold can also be used as a candy mold, using melted chocolate or candy instead of juice to make candy
  • Does not contain BPA and PAEs, can be used with peace of mind
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Hand wash and clean with mild soap and water
  • Material: PP, silicone
  • Size: 24.2cm(L) x 14.5cm(W) x 8cm(H)


how to use:

  • Pour raw materials such as juice or beverages into the deep-sea fish-shaped mold, and do not exceed the scale line
  • Insert the snow stick into the mold
  • Put it in the freezer and freeze to a solid state
  • Rotate and pull out the ice bar to eat

ZOKU silicone deep-sea fish-shaped ice strip mold (a set of six)

SKU: ZK119
HK$238.00 Regular Price
HK$214.20Sale Price
Only 2 left in stock
  • ZOKU Silicone Fish Pop Molds (6 Pops)

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