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Are you worried that the freshly brewed hot coffee or tea will affect the original flavor after adding ice cubes? Don't worry, the ZOKU Quick Ice Drink Cup allows you to turn a hot drink that has been cooked into a cold drink in just five minutes, without changing the original flavor in any way. As long as the inner cup of the cold drink cup is placed in the refrigerator at any time, when you need to use it, take the inner cup out of the refrigerator and put it in the outer protective cup, you can pour the hot drink, and the drink will instantly become a refreshing ice drink, which is more intimate Yes, the product is designed with anti-splash cover and straw at the same time, which is convenient for you to carry and use.


how to use?

  • When using for the first time, take out the stainless steel inner cup from the outer protective cup, and place it in the refrigerator in parallel and refrigerate it. Do not place it upside down.
  • After taking out the frozen inner cup from the refrigerator, put it into the outer protective cup
  • Pour in hot coffee, hot tea or any hot beverage
  • Cover the splash-proof lid and plug in the straw, and wait for five minutes to enjoy the refreshing drink


Product specifications:

  • Contents: 1 stainless steel inner cup, 1 outer protective cup, 1 anti-splash lid, 1 drinking straw
  • Size: 9.2cm(L) x 9.2cm(W) x 21cm(H) ​​​
  • Capacity: 325ml
  • Weight: 0.52kg
  • Material: stainless steel, silicone rubber, PP, cold storage fluid, SAN, ABS, NBR
  • Heat resistance temperature: -30°C to 110°C (main body)

ZOKU Quick Freezing Coffee Cup 325ml

SKU: ZK121
HK$348.00 Regular Price
HK$313.20Sale Price
  • ZOKU Instant Iced Coffee Maker 325ml

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