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Zoku's double-layer suspended glass water bottle is the perfect product for health, fashion and durability.


Are you worried about the general thermos cup being poured into acidic beverages, or plastic bottles being filled with hot beverages to dissolve harmful substances? This portable bottle is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is not only resistant to high temperature and acid, so that you can drink safely. Designed with a double-layer bottle structure, you will not feel hot when holding hot drinks. The bottom of the bottle is designed with a drop-resistant silicone base to provide excellent protection measures for the glass inner bottle. The accessories of the whole bottle can be disassembled and cleaned, so there is no need to worry about the flavor of the beverage remaining in it. What is more special is the exclusive 1/4-turn screwing design of the bottle mouth, which saves you the time of opening and closing the bottle cap. After tightening the upper edge of the inner glass It will absorb the suction cup on the bottle cap to provide excellent leak-proof performance, and with colorful and streamlined beauty design, it will give users a more convenient, safe, healthy and safe new life of fashionable drinking water.


feature of product


Size: 7.7.x7.7x24.8cm (length x width x height)

Capacity: 470ml

Weight: 0.43kg

Material: heat-resistant glass, PP, silicone

Heat resistance temperature: 95℃~5℃(inner cup)

Model: ZK128-AC

BPA and phthalate free


How to disassemble the whole bottle?

1. Turn on the top cover


2. Turn down the PP+silicone base


3. Push the inner glass bottle down (please use the other hand to hold the glass bottle firmly to avoid slipping)


4. Remove the silicone gasket from the glass bottle, then the whole bottle can be cleaned

ZOKU-Transparent Black Glass Water Bottle-Purple String (16oz / 470ml)

HK$358.00 Regular Price
HK$322.20Sale Price
  • ZOKU - 16oz / 470ml Grey Glass Core Bottle with Purple Color Strip

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