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The large-volume star diamond ice cubes melt slowly. It is suitable for professional cocktails and soft drinks. Enjoy the coolness of the drink and retain the flavor of the drink. Easy to use, just pour water into the mold, put it in the freezer for 6 hours, open the mold to easily remove the star diamond ice cubes.


feature of product


Contents: Glacier ice mold × 2 pieces size: 16.2x8.2x7.5cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 122g
Material: PP
Heat resistance temperature: 60℃~ -30℃
Model: ZK155

BPA and phthalate free


how to use?

  1. Pour water and freeze: pour boiled water or drinks into the hole above the mold, and then put it in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius) and freeze for about 6 hours
  2. Open the upper cover of the mold: After the ice puck freezes, you can directly open the upper cover of the mold
  3. Take out the hockey puck: Take out the hockey puck and put it into your favorite drink (it will be easier to take out the hockey puck by slightly flushing the bottom of the mold with water)
  4. Slow and uniform dissolution: The ice ball can be used with any ice drink. Adults and children can enjoy the cool ice drink without worrying about losing the taste and sweetness of the ice drink, because the ice ball will melt slowly and evenly

Zoku 冰川型冰模 (2粒裝)

SKU: ZK155
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  • Zoku Iceberg Ice Mold

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