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Recommend to you who love to cook by yourself.
This product is included in one piece.
The capacity is about 375 ml, which is suitable for liquid hand soap; when you want to clean the straw, be careful not to lose the balls inside. It has a foam nozzle design, which converts the liquid hand sanitizer into rich foam, greatly increases the cleaning function, and saves 75% of the usage. The transparent and round bottle body allows you to see the inner capacity at a glance. When refilling, first add liquid soap into the bottle (to the first line at the bottom-the bubble icon is marked), and then add water (do not exceed the bottle mouth) The marked line-marked with a water drop icon). After the cap is tightly shaken, a moderate foam can be produced; the most special is the suction cup design at the bottom of the bottle, which is stably placed on the countertop, which is an indispensable recommendation for the bathroom space. For your health check, the series of products do not contain harmful substances such as BPA.

Cuisipro 吸盤泡沫洗手液瓶 - 橙色

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