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Are you still using the old traditional garlic press? The peeling-free garlic pressing artifact makes it easy to squeeze garlic into mud. You can scrape out the mud without using your hands. You can lose the skin with one click, making life easier!

  • Super easy! There is no need to peel the skin before pressing the mud. You can press multiple garlic cloves into garlic and minced garlic at a time, instead of one by one
  • One key to lose the skin, just one click, the garlic skin will be thrown out
  • When opening the garlic press, the spatula will automatically scrape out the crushed garlic, which is convenient to put into any container
  • It’s super convenient to clean up, your hands will not touch garlic during the whole process, and your hands will never be full of garlic after cooking.
  • Size: 19.7cm(L) x 5.1cm(W)
  • Material: Nylon
  • No BPA
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Dreamfarm Garject Lite no peeling garlic pressing artifact black

HK$228.00 Regular Price
HK$136.80Sale Price
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